Our Davis Vantage Pro 2 Weather Station

     The station's outdoor Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) consists of a solar powered suite of sensors that measure temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and wind direction, UV and solar readings.The "bee hive" shield at the base of the ISS protects the temperature and humidity sensors against solar radiation and other sources of radiated and reflected heat.
     The electronic components, including the wireless transmitter operating at 920-928 MHz, are located in a weather-resistant case behind the solar panel. The rain gauge is an automatic tipping bucket type. The temperature, humidity, and rainfall sensors are mounted on a steel mast about 6 feet above the grass. The wind sensors (cup anemometer and wind vane) are mounted about 8 feet above ground level on the same mast.
     A Daytime Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield Kit is installed and includes fan, solar panel, additional radiation shield plates, and hardware. The solar-powered fan runs during the day and reduces the effects of daytime radiation.

City of Sartell, Minnesota

Sartell is a city in Benton and Stearns Counties in the State of Minnesota and straddles the Mississippi River. It is part of the St. Cloud Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 19,351 at the 2020 census, making it St. Cloud's most populous suburb and the fourth-largest city in central Minnesota, after St. Cloud, Elk River, and Willmar.   The city offers visitors the charm of a small town combined with a stimulating environment that is bustling and growing. 

Sartell was once known as “The Third Rapids,” a name given by French fur traders because it was the third collection of rapids they would encounter as they traveled north up the Mississippi River from St. Anthony Falls in Minneapolis.

Sartell got its name from Joseph B. Sartell, who arrived in 1854 and worked as a millwright at a local sawmill. In 1877 he opened a flour mill on the Watab River, near the present day Watab Creek Park, and in 1884 he and his sons started the Sartell Brothers Lumber Company.

Since those early days of the city, Sartell has continued to grow. Between 1980 and 2000, Sartell experienced an astonishing 181% increase in population. The city is known for its impressive parks system and progressive economic development programs.

Sartell East Weather Website

This website is maintained as a hobby for fun and enjoyment.  It is best viewed on a desktop, laptop or tablet computer.  As the name implies, the site is located on the east side of the Mississippi River in Sartell. The owner is not a meteorologist. Please consult professional weather information outlets such as the National Weather Service (weather.gov) for important weather information.
In addition to the website, we send our Sartell weather data to more than a half-dozen weather services in the U.S. and Europe, including Austria, Spain and the United Kingdom. Links to most our weather service affiliations are shown at the bottom of the home page.  --Bill